Get Fast Data: No Risk, Flat Rate, Affordable Data Recovery!

Get Fast Data LLC Serving all of Tampa bay including Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Holiday, Trinity, Elfers, New Port Richey, Port Richey, Hudson, Spring Hill

Get Fast Data Recovery LLC in New Port Richey, Florida. We can recover data for Apple, PC, Linux and Raid hard drives. With our Excellent Customer Service, Flat Rate Fee and you only have to pay if we get back the data that you want and the You pay NOTHING up front policy, makes us your best choice for your data recovery. 

$299 is our Flat Rate for 95% of all hard drives.

But wait you might be thinking “I was told data recovery could cost up $2000 and had to be done in a clean room” That simply is not true 95% of all hard drives that we receive, We recover 100% of the data without the use of a clean room for $299. We are able to achieve this by using our process with the latest in Hardware Data Recovery Tools. These tools are not what your local Computer Repair store has or your companies’ IT Guy uses. These tools go way beyond the capabilities of any type of software data recovery programs. Our tools communicate with the bad hard drives directly with no need for any type of operating system like Windows or Apple OS. These are the same Hardware Data Recovery tools that the Clean Room companies use.

How long will it take?

Well with a company name like Get Fast Data LLC we are fast with an average turn-around time of 2-5 days. But what if you need it really fast? Well with our Priority Service We start on your hard drive within the hour of receiving it and don't stop until it's completed, turn-around is usually 3-24 hours depending size of the data and  the problem with the hard drive. The cost of this fast service is: $499 (per standard drive) with $49 being paid up-front and non-refundable and $450 due upon completion and only if recovery is successful.

Here is a fact: most Data Recovery Companies use bait and switch tactics you may have seen Google ads advertising $99 $149 $199 for Data Recovery hoping that you will mail in your bad hard drive for the advertised price, then they will call to tell you that they can only recover you hard drive in a clean room and the price is now going cost $1400-$2000 to recover your data. With us you never have to worry about bait and switch since we do not recover hard drives that require a Clean Room we have nothing to financially gain from it. But what if we are unable to recover a bad hard drive our tools and it can only be recovered in a clean room? We will then refer you to three honest and affordable clean room companies. And remember. You pay NOTHING up front and you only have to pay if we get back the data that you want! No Risk No Worry.

Here are the rates for the 5% that don’t fall under the $299 Flat Rate.

Conditional Rates

There are three types of hard drives that require significantly more time to recover, incur an additional fee if the recovery is successful:

1) If your hard drive is larger than 2TB, there is an extra $99  fee if successfully recovered.
> A 3TB successfully recovered drive with us is just $399.
2) If you have an encrypted hard drive there is an extra $99 fee if successfully recovered. This is because encrypted hard drives are much more difficult and time consuming to recover data from. Encrypted drives are mostly "external hard drives."
  • Some examples of drives that could be encrypted are: Western Digital external hard drives with "Smartware," HP SmartSave external hard drives, and Maxtor/Seagate "Black Armor" external hard drives.
  • These types of drives are encrypted even if you never set a password.
  • Other encryption types include: TrueCrypt, and "Full Disk Encryption" (FDE).
  • Most data recovery companies charge up to $1000.00 extra for encrypted hard drives!

3) If your 2.5" external USB hard drive has a USB port built into the PCB/circuit board there will be an extra $99 fee if recovered. This is because of the complexity of recovering data from a "USB PCB type of hard drive, because it does not have the standard "SATA" or "IDE" connector on the PCB. See pictures below to determine if your hard drive has a USB PCB:




You can't lose by sending your hard drive to Get Fast Data LLC first because we use the safest and most reliable technology , we are honest, and affordable. We hear stories all the time  from our customers who were told by clean room data recovery companies: "the hard drive had bad heads, and will need a clean room to recover your data, and could cost $1000-$3000." We are able to recover the data for 80% of the hard drives that we receive, all for the low cost of $299. For the remaining  20 % of the hard drives that we are unable to recover, you will know at the least for sure that you really do need to use a clean room data recovery company to get your precious data and we will refer you to honest clean room companies.